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Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Oil

Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Oil

Phosphate esters are used primarily as fire-resistant base stocks in several applications including hydraulic systems, turbines and compressors.

Their high ignition temperatures, excellent oxidation stability and very low vapor pressures make them difficult to burn, while their low heats of combustion result in self-extinguishing fluids.

On average, phosphate esters cost five times more than their mineral counterparts and extreme chemical aggressiveness towards many conventional seal and coating materials.

Typical Applications
- Fire-resistant industrial hydraulic fluids
- Aviation hydraulic fluids (trialkyl or tributyl) (synthetic)
- Electrohydraulic control fluids for steam turbines (EHC) - triaryl phosphate (natural)

Utilizing the standard default setting, the ZT100 is able to measure both Brand ‘V’ & ‘IV A Plus’ within a resolution of ±0.01% (100ppm) of reading.

Mechanical construction of the ZT100 is adequately suitable to withstand the aggressiveness of phosphate ester oil.

The primary purpose of the test is done to indicate suitability for low water content ranges. However, the ZT100 measures ALL forms of water in oil including FREE WATER!

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