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ZT-100 Water In Oil Monitor

ZelenTech ZT-100 Water In Oil Monitors are designed to detect water contamination in virtually any kind of oil or fuel. It works with diesel, heavy fuel oil, engine lubrication oil, gear box oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, vegetable oils and many more.

Our meters comes in where water content levels are, or can be expected to, exceed saturation levels and therefore renders Saturation Meters unusable. With a ZT-100 you can measure way beyond the saturation point of the oil. ZelenTech ZT-100 Water In Oil Monitors are excellent for monitoring lubrication and hydraulic systems in heavy machinery and ships.

Dedicated versions are available for Vegetable Oil / Palm oil as well as for Water In Fuel Injection (WIFE)

Most other applications can be handled by our generic versions. Contact us for help in choosing the correct version for your task

Water In Oil Monitor Specifications

Response time1 sec
Output4-20mA + HART
Power Supply24VDC (Loop Powered)
Power Consumption0.66W Max
Temperature (Media)+150° C (250 with High Temp Option)
Temperature (Ambient)+60° C
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Measurement Range0-25% or 0-100%
Nominal Sizes1 to 6 inch or DN25 to DN200
Material (Standard)316L
Seals and electrical insulatorsPEEK

Water In Oil Monitor Configurations

The Water In Oil Monitor can be adapted to many different configurations. The ZT-100 can be supplied with threaded or flanged connections.

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